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Equipments installable on Prefabricate buildings and shelters

Extra equipments installable on Prefabricate buildings and shelters including:

A kitchen fully equipped with cabinets, dishwashing basin with faucets, Water Heater, Range

Hood, refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, washing machine, Wall split Air conditioner or

evaporative cooler, Dryer vent path, wall clock, Fire extinguisher, cloth hook, mirror and cabinet

for sanitary ware, shower with modern and stylish faucets, different floorings and ceramic,

Designing the building and shelter facades with building materials,

Using different composites, aluminum façade, digital, emboss or handwritten board and all cases

related to lighting and illumination , double glazed window, water tank , sewage tank, wallpapers

and different interior and exterior decorations, applying coal tar, applying special and extra

waterproofing (isogam) and insulation, bed, underbed closet, spare tire, roof luggage carrier and

tens of other cases according to the customer's request and payment and also in the case of

possibility for installation.