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Prefabricated buildings: shelters from prefabricated buildings { sandwich panel }

1.Frame made of profile in different sizes and if necessary from iron beam or UNP beams

Sandwich panel walls

2.Middle insulation from a 4 cm polyurethane

3.Exterior view from P.V.C siding panels

4.Interior wall and the roof from wood pattern wallpaper

5.Ceramic tile floor along with installing baseboard and also side insulation in order to prevent corrosion or rust

An electrostatic paint for aluminum doors and windows or double glazed U.P.V.C windows in the case of customer 's order

Installing enough plugs and switches for electricity, lights and phone and a special plug for the cooler

Equipped with antenna outlet and earth wire to prevent electric surge.

6.Installing a Miniature fuse to prevent electric shock or contact

Pathway of heating and cooling equipments will be regarded

7.Isolation with polyurethane glue in order to prevent dust and moisture and also to prevent loss of the energy of heating and cooling systems

8.The product has a good resistance against sun light, heat, chill etc.

9.Carrying (transportation) of the product is done by trailer with the ability of repeated transports without any damages

This company is not obligated to implement the Foundation

Changes in the details are possible

The period of production is 3 weeks from registering the order to utilization